Help on Wheels! for Disabled Dogs

Disabled dogs love without impairment but, for dogs with mobility issues, a cart can offer the additional freedom to live a full and happy life.

Pit Boss Shorty Rossi Puckers for Pit Bulls in Delmar, NY

When Animal Planet’s Pit Boss Shorty Rossi visited the Healthy Pet Center, folks from NY’s Capital Region streamed in knowing that Pit Bulls are often misunderstood.

Diary of a Dog Rescue: A Look Back & Ahead

Celebrating a year of better lives for 35 Rensselaer County stray dogs and growth toward mill dog rescue at Dog House Adoptions.

August 9: Celebrate Dog House Adoptions’ Birthday at the BBQ!

Support rescue dogs by having fun – at Dog House Adoptions’ birthday party! Friday, August 9th from 6-10pm at Brunswick Barbecue and Brew, NY!!

I Vow to My Foster Dog…

To My Dear Foster Dog, I vow to provide you with compassionate foster dog care. Let me count the ways…

Why Foster a Dog? Because…

When you foster a dog in need, every minute you spend offering kindness, guidance and a safe haven paves the way for that dog to find lifelong security and love.

ADOPTED! Bayly, the Beagle Beauty!

Meet Bayly Beagle! Rescued from an Ohio puppy mill by Steve Caporizzo in April, she’s never had a chance at a real life… until now!

Watch “PICK ME!” – Stray Dogs’ Rescue Video Debut!

Stray Dogs band and Dog House Adoptions collaborate on new rescue video called “Pick Me!”

ADOPTED! AVA – A Blossoming Beabull Blend!

At 11 months old, Ava has a long life to look forward to with a family who will always protect her from harm, who will love her to pieces, and who will treat her with the utmost respect that all living beings deserve.

Joan Pasquarelli Quilts Kindness for Dogs in Need

Joan Pasquarelli sat at her sewing machine quilting a labor of love to offer comfort to 17 rescued Ohio mill pups transported to New York.