Mickey and Rocky
Bella the Formerly Hairless Pit-Belle
Blazer at Dog House Adoptions
Tulip at Dog House Adoptions
Prince at Dog House Adoptions
Bethany at Dog House Adoptions
Gracie at Dog House Adoptions
Calvin at Dog House Adoptions
Payton at Dog House Adoptions
Low Cost Microchip Clinic

Nov. 15th – Low-Cost Microchip Clinic, Chatham, NY!

For $30, the first 50 pets to attend will receive a HomeAgain microchip, Insertion by a veterinarian, and a 1 year registration!

Nimee's Fund

Nimee’s Fund: Providing “Help on Wheels!” for Disabled Dogs

Disabled dogs love without impairment but, for dogs with mobility issues, a cart can offer the additional freedom to live a full and happy life.

Wolf Family

Wolf family legacy of animal advocacy ensures lasting pet connections through microchips with a grant from the ASPCA

There are no words for how much we appreciate the Wolf family’s support. Where words fail, actions speak loudest. Developing a sustainable microchip program that will help dogs in such a monumental way feels most fitting. We promise, Ina and Richard, to employ this in a manner that would make you proud.

What Joy Looks Like

Casper went from trashed to treasured when he joined a family filled with love...

What Love Looks Like

Rocco the Taco

Dear Rocco the Taco, a letter to the dog who just rescued his rescuers’ hearts…

Today, we received a whole lot of love aimed our way and we are reminded why we make the choice we do. And I wrote a heartfelt response to a rescue dog. It was one of the most therapeutic things I’ve probably ever done in this line of work.

Ebony Jean at Dog House Adoptions

ADOPTED Ebony Jean! The Best Behaved and Prettiest Pit-Belle Puppy!

This sweetest and best behaved pup finds the best parents, home, neighborhood, and life.

Ralph at Dog House Adoptions

ADOPTED! Rikki, the Chihuahua-prairie dog mix formerly known as Ralph!

Ralph is an affectionate 6-month-old Chihuahua who is as easy-peasy as can be!

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