Daisy at Dog House Adoptions
Nigel the Chihuahua
Capone at Dog House Adoptions
Calvin at Dog House Adoptions
Bethany at Dog House Adoptions
Tulip at Dog House Adoptions
Bella the Formerly Hairless Pit-Belle
Mickey and Rocky
Girl Scouts and Oliver - Dog House Adoptions

Kids and Dogs: Girl Scouts Troop #1070 earns two badges with help from Dog House Adoptions!

We are so proud to say that the girls earned 2 badges, Animal Helper and Public Speaking, by doing what comes naturally to them — caring about animals. Way to go, ladies! Thanks for taking care of our dogs, and thanks for inviting us to spend time with you!

Here’s Why We Do It!

What Love Looks Like

Gracie at Dog House Adoptions

ADOPTED! Gracie, the Clown of a Copper Coonhound Mix Puppy!

Gracie is a bouncing 6-month-old bundle of Coonhound mix sunshine with a goofy energy who brings joy to all she meets.

Prince at Dog House Adoptions

ADOPTED! Prince, an all American Bully mix now lives like a king!

Prince has lived with kids his whole life, snuggling into bed with them to chase away the boogie man. He’s also good and playful with other dogs.

Payton at Dog House Adoptions

ADOPTED! Payton the precious pit-belle puppy!

You won’t find a better home companion than Payton, a black and white pitty pup, to sweetly follow you to the ends of the Earth.

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