Solomon at Dog House Adoptions
Gracie at Dog House Adoptions
Pooch at Dog House Adoption
Magnolia at Dog House Adoptions
Larry at Dog House Adoptions
Bethany at Dog House Adoptions
Ralph at Dog House Adoptions
Prince at Dog House Adoptions
Tulip at Dog House Adoptions
Jeremey at Dog House Adoptions
Zachary helps Dog House Adoptions

Zachary’s Wish to Heal a Dog Comes TRUE!

Zachary, at just 8 years old, sees a photograph of an ailing dog on his mom’s computer. His tender heart is so moved that he makes his upcoming birthday wish right then and there.

Kate Lynne at Dog House Adoptions

Puppy Daug tattles on The Pet Zone, a mill supplied pet store in Albany, NY.

This happy, now-healthy, sweet, and brave puppy has the tenacity for survival, but Kate Lynn is also a Daug with a sad story to tell about why not to buy pet store puppies.

Nimee's Fund

Nimee’s Fund: Providing “Help on Wheels!” for Disabled Dogs

Disabled dogs love without impairment but, for dogs with mobility issues, a cart can offer the additional freedom to live a full and happy life.

Wolf Family

Wolf family legacy of animal advocacy ensures lasting pet connections through microchips with a grant from the ASPCA

There are no words for how much we appreciate the Wolf family’s support. Where words fail, actions speak loudest. Developing a sustainable microchip program that will help dogs in such a monumental way feels most fitting. We promise, Ina and Richard, to employ this in a manner that would make you proud.

What Joy Looks Like

Casper went from trashed to treasured when he joined a family filled with love...

What Love Looks Like

Willie at Dog House Adoptions

ADOPTED! Willie, the Wily Flying Chihuahua, lands in the loving arms of his new family!

Willie the Wiley Chihuahua is now “¡Livin’ la vida loca!”

Knuckles at Dog House Adoptions

ADOPTED! Knuckles, The Olde English Bulldogge Lapdog!

Knuckles is an English Bulldog lapdog who found his lucky break, a tender, loving home.


ADOPTED! Jesse, The Setter Who Won’t Set There!

This is Jesse, a very happy and very energetic boy with a wiggly body, shining eyes, and wagging tail!

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