ADOPT Payton! Precious Pit-belle 7 Month Puppy in Troy, NY!

Payton at Dog House Adoptions

You won’t find a better home companion than Payton, a black and white pitty pup, to sweetly follow you to the ends of the Earth.

ADOPT Stanley! Precious poodle pup in need of a retirement home near Troy, NY


Stanley is looking for just one thing in life, a soft spot to lay his head in a loving household that will love him the rest of his days.

ADOPT Calvin! This Resilient Puppyface Pitbull Hobbles No More in Troy, NY!

Calvin at Dog House Adoptions

Even after enduring days of excruciating pain, Calvin has proven to be the nicest, sweetest, and now most playful dog. He is friendly with strangers and good with kids, dogs, and people. (We aren’t sure about cats.) He’s also crate trained and terrific in the car, ready for any adventure you take him on.

ADOPT Gracie! A Clown of a Copper Coonhound Mix Puppy in Troy, NY!

Gracie at Dog House Adoptions

Gracie is a bouncing 6-month-old bundle of Coonhound mix sunshine with a goofy energy who brings joy to all she meets.

ADOPT Bethany!! The Beautifully Black (and White) Boxer Blend in Troy, NY!

Bethany at Dog House Adoptions

Bethany is quite friendly and goofy, too. Her wiggly body is in constant motion until she lands in your lap and kisses your face sweetly.

ADOPT Prince! An All American Beautiful Bully Mix in Troy, NY!

Prince at Dog House Adoptions

Prince has lived with kids his whole life, snuggling into bed with them to chase away the boogie man. He’s also good and playful with other dogs.

ADOPT Tulip! The “Itty Pittie” Easter Egg Puppy in Troy, NY!

Tulip at Dog House Adoptions

Tulip, the Itty Pitty Easter Egg is an adventurous little soul, too, whether trouncing straight into the pool on a toy mission or straight into your lap for a cuddle.

ADOPT Blazer! A Young, Playful Pittie Pup with the Perfect Personality!

Blazer at Dog House Adoptions

At just 9 months and 47 pounds, Blazer is an exuberant little pup who loves to be near people, leaning against them with some part of his body at all times.

ADOPT Bella! The Formerly Hairless Pit-Belle in Troy, NY!

Bella the Formerly Hairless Pit-Belle

Adopt Bella the Pit-Belle, 2 1/2 years young, vaccinated, to be spayed in Troy, NY.

Adopt Mickey and Rocky – Double Dog Best Friends in Upstate NY!

Mickey and Rocky

A black flat coated retriever mix and boxer mix – already best friends! Adopt the pair!