ADOPT Caspian! Perfect Rottie Mix does Tricks in Troy, NY!


Caspian is super sweet, stands up to give soft hugs while he kisses your chin, and he dances for treats.

ADOPT Gordon, the Mellowest Yellowest Lab in Troy, NY

Gordon the Yellow Lab

Gordon is a huge, huggable, 6-year-old, yellow lab who is so sweet and mellow that he doesn’t even bark.

ADOPT Sammy! A Tuxedo Dog with Stunning Eyes!

Sammy Pow Pow

Sammy is an an adoptable neutered male, vaccinated, 6 months young PitBull / Border Collie mix.

ADOPT Brodie! Therapy Bull in Training, Troy, NY!


Brodie is an an adoptable neutered male, vaccinated, 2 1/2 years young PitBull in Therapy Dog training.

ADOPT Bella! The Formerly Hairless Pit-Belle in Troy, NY!

Bella the Formerly Hairless Pit-Belle

Adopt Bella the Pit-Belle, 2 1/2 years young, vaccinated, to be spayed in Troy, NY.

Adopt Mickey and Rocky – Double Dog Best Friends in Upstate NY!

Mickey and Rocky

A black flat coated retriever mix and boxer mix – already best friends! Adopt the pair!