Disabled dogs love without impairment but, for dogs with mobility issues, a cart can offer the additional freedom to live a full and happy life.We’d like to see every dog reach their full potential on whatever path they’re called to, whether offering precious companionship to a single child or going the distance to help an entire community. This is why we’re launching Help on Wheels! — to help New York’s Capital Region mobility challenged dogs receive a cart from Eddie’s Wheels.

By supporting Help on Wheels!, you’ll give a dog with a perfectly capable and loving heart the chance to enhance a human life. Cart prices range from $325 to $1200, depending on the size and capabilities of the dog. Thank you for donating, today!

(Please designate Nimee’s Fund on the PayPal page.
Your donation is tax deductable.)


Eddie’s Wheels: The Heart and Art of the Custom Cart

Edie's Wheels Family

Eddie, Leslie, Toby the rottweiler and Daisy, their disabled dachshund who used her canine cart for over 10 years.

The carts we fund are made by Eddie’s Wheels in Shelburne Falls, MA. A mechanical engineer by trade, Eddie Grinnell brings a lifetime of experience to his work, incorporating the highest engineering standards with special consideration to each pet’s unique disabilities and anatomy. His revolutionary design, based on supporting the animal on its skeleton  has won the accolades of veterinarians and canine physical rehabilitation practitioners worldwide.  This design protects pets from some of the common side-effects created by canine carts – skin breakdown and urine burn from supporting pets on the soft tissue, and loss of core muscle tone caused by girth straps encircling the spine.


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Apply for Assistance!

If you live within the Capital Region of New York and you have a physically disabled dog who would benefit from use of a cart from Eddie’s Wheels, please fill out the online application below. Applicants will be assisted based on available funding. If we can help fund even a portion of your Eddie’s Wheels cart, we simply ask that you donate the cart back to us upon the passing of your pet so another dog can benefit.

Nimee Fund Application