ADOPTED! Magnolia, the “Itty Pittie” Easter Egg Puppy!

Magnolia at Dog House Adoptions

Magnolia is the most adventurous pup, always first to learn everything and looking for something to do. She’s got the makings of the perfect therapy dog, too, contemplatively watching every move you make, and calmly receptive to all that the world around her has to offer.

ADOPTED! Larry, the hi-larry-ious little Klein German Spitz!

Larry at Dog House Adoptions

Larry’s German Spitz breeding is impeccably handsome and his shining little spirit makes him just as beautiful to the heart as he is to the eye.

ADOPTED! Willie, the Wily Flying Chihuahua, lands in the loving arms of his new family!

Willie at Dog House Adoptions

Willie the Wiley Chihuahua is now “¡Livin’ la vida loca!”

ADOPTED! Knuckles, The Olde English Bulldogge Lapdog!

Knuckles at Dog House Adoptions

Knuckles is an English Bulldog lapdog who found his lucky break, a tender, loving home.

ADOPTED! Jesse, The Setter Who Won’t Set There!


This is Jesse, a very happy and very energetic boy with a wiggly body, shining eyes, and wagging tail!

ADOPTED! Molly, the Dalmatian mix, needs mollycoddling no more!

Molly at Dog House Adoptions

With two new loving owners, Molly finds so much comfort in the safety of stability once more.

ADOPTED! Oreo – the sweet treat to greet – every single day!

Oreo at Dog House Adoptions

Oreo is leash trained, crate trained, even tempered, eager to please, and does great in the car. He can bum around with you anywhere you go, but for where other dogs are.

ADOPTED! Little Red Rocco, the teeny tiny pitty mix!

Rocco at Dog House Adoptions

This young pup is just 49 pounds — a Pocket Pitty, so to speak. But there’s so much personality wrapped up in that little body that this “big dog” lover sure gets her fix.

ADOPTED! Brodie, the Decorated Therapy Bull!


Brodie holds CGC and TDI titles, and now he holds his very own family in his heart.

ADOPTED! Beamer, the Dandiest Dinmont Terrier Found the Dandiest Family!

Beamer at Dog House Adoptions

This little dog is obedient, playful, affectionate and even-tempered, making him a beautiful companion in every possible way.