ADOPTED! Gordon Hits Jackpot in Fastest Foster Failure in History!

Gordon the Yellow Lab

Gordon just hit the jackpot in the fasted foster failure in history!

ADOPTED! Sadie the Super Special Fuzzy Wumpass


This big, beautiful dog with big, beautiful, brown eyes is a big-hearted love and gentle friend to everyone she encounters.

ADOPTED! Shelby the Labra-Bull Puppy Wags Her Way Home!


Shelby the velvety Labra-Puppy pranced into her new home just as if she owned the place. And she is loved all the more for it.

ADOPTED! Knuckles, the Olde English Bulldogge Lapdog, Finds THREE Laps!

Knuckles the English Bulldog Lapdog

Knuckles is an English Bulldog lapdog who found his lucky break, a tender, loving home.

ADOPTED! Isis the Labra-Bull Puppy Wins Home and Hearts!

Isis Puppy

Isis the Pit-Belle Labra-Puppy is now in the best home possible, filled with patience, kindness, laughter and love.

ADOPTED! Chihuahua Ricky Ricardo has TWO Rescue Angels!

Ricky Ricardo Chihuahua

Riky Ricardo the Chihuahua finds a warm heart to love him and a lovely lap to lay in all the days of his life.

ADOPTED! Finnegan – The Sweetest Silkiest Terrier!


A face full of kisses and a huge heart wrapped in a furry little package!

Jemma, The Ohio Puppy Mill Chihuahua, Rescued and Healed!


You helped Jemma take her first steps toward freedom, freedom from a life of physical output, confinement, pain and solitude.

ADOPTED! Spirit – The Precious Pomeranian


From the moment Spirit, a Pomeranian, was rescued from an Ohio puppy mill, her spirit was soaring. Her tail has never stopped wagging with gratitude.

ADOPTED! Romeo – The Bichon Frise Beau


Romeo the Bichon is the quiet, sensitive type who steals your heart with narry a word. Love lives in his eyes.