Archives for June 2014

ADOPTED! Molly, the Dalmatian mix, needs mollycoddling no more!

With two new loving owners, Molly finds so much comfort in the safety of stability once more.

ADOPTED! Oreo – the sweet treat to greet – every single day!

Oreo is leash trained, crate trained, even tempered, eager to please, and does great in the car. He can bum around with you anywhere you go, but for where other dogs are.

ADOPTED! Little Red Rocco, the teeny tiny pitty mix!

This young pup is just 49 pounds — a Pocket Pitty, so to speak. But there’s so much personality wrapped up in that little body that this “big dog” lover sure gets her fix.

ADOPTED! Brodie, the Decorated Therapy Bull!

Brodie holds CGC and TDI titles, and now he holds his very own family in his heart.

ADOPTED! Beamer, the Dandiest Dinmont Terrier Found the Dandiest Family!

This little dog is obedient, playful, affectionate and even-tempered, making him a beautiful companion in every possible way.

Help Calvin, a 9 Month Puppy, Heal his Dislocated Hip, Heart and Home.

Even after enduring days of excruciating pain, Calvin has been just the nicest, sweetest, gentlest dog. Whether he was hit by a car, fell from a great height, or suffered an abusive kick, we’ll never know the circumstances for his injury. What we do know is that, together, we can help him.