Archives for May 2014

ADOPTED! Jasmine, She Who Dances with Butterflies!

Meek at first, Jasmine warms up quickly, then she briefly bounces with excitement before laying down with a sigh of contentment.


Tulip, the Itty Pitty Easter Egg is an adventurous little soul, too, whether trouncing straight into the pool on a toy mission or straight into your lap for a cuddle.

ADOPTED! Hammy, the tiny, funny, bobble-head Mastiff mix!

Hammy is an affectionate little bugger. He’ll climb into your lap, loll next to you in the grass, and lick your fingers with sweet kisses.

Come to New York State Animal Advocacy Day in Albany, May 28th!

Let’s band together to raise awareness, protecting pets and people from abuse. This free and bipartisan event, hosted by Senator Greg Ball and Assemblyman Jim Tedisco, is open to the public, enabling animal supporters to network, share information and lobby our legislators.

Help on Wheels! for Disabled Dogs

Disabled dogs love without impairment but, for dogs with mobility issues, a cart can offer the additional freedom to live a full and happy life.