Archives for June 2013

ADOPTED! Bayly, the Beagle Beauty!

Meet Bayly Beagle! Rescued from an Ohio puppy mill by Steve Caporizzo in April, she’s never had a chance at a real life… until now!

Help Rescue Dogs Win a $10,000 Grant!

Let’s win a lot of money! Let’s help a lot of dogs!

Watch “PICK ME!” – Stray Dogs’ Rescue Video Debut!

Stray Dogs band and Dog House Adoptions collaborate on new rescue video called “Pick Me!”

ADOPTED! AVA – A Blossoming Beabull Blend!

At 11 months old, Ava has a long life to look forward to with a family who will always protect her from harm, who will love her to pieces, and who will treat her with the utmost respect that all living beings deserve.