ADOPTED! CALLIE – a Beautiful Beabull Blend in Upstate, NY!

Callie at Dog House Adoptions

Callie, a Beabully BeautyA Beautiful Beabull Blend
10-Month-Young Female
Spayed and Vaccinated

This lovely little Beabull dog was rescued and transported from an Ohio puppy mill by Steve Caporizzo in April. Being so young, Callie never presented with the telltale signs of being a mill dog. She zipped around Delmar’s Healthy Pet Center play yard the minute she was released from her transport crate.

Callie, a Beabullie Beauty

After 12 hours stacked with 17 other dogs on a ride to freedom, Callie wasn’t about to squander a minute of this new life. Watch how this wonderful wiggle butt with the black saddle patch on her back joyfully investigates every square inch of new space and greets everybody in her path. She gets so excited to be romping with her friends, she loses traction on her way inside! (Start at 3:55.)

Callie, the Beabullie BeautySince puppy mills often misrepresent the breeds they sell, Callie isn’t likely the typical designer Beabull dog. She’s a bit leggy and possibly part Foxhound. In an attempt to fake folks out, the mill cropped her beautiful tail. But when she wags her whole butt, you can absolutely tell she’s in a deliriously happy mood.


At just 30 pounds, this pup has filled her new owner’s hearts with the lightness of joy. She is simply a beautifully spirited girl who needed a patient household willing to train her to be the gem that she is meant to be – and she found one! Congratulations, Callie!

Callie, a Beautiful Beabull Blend



  1. Theresa Guzzardo says:

    What are your adoption fees? I am interested in a female dog about a year old who will walk with me and be a part of my family.

  2. Hello , IF these dogs are up for adoption please contact me 🙂 Or if any other dogs are . ty

  3. Beth Heier says:

    We have had Sequoia (nickname Koya) home with us since late January. We also adopted another mill rescue beagle at the same time. Koya still struggles with some fears as a result of her days in the mill, but she is coming out more and more. Love, patience, kindness. She is VERY playful and energetic! We all love her very much. I thought it would be nice to write an update.

    • Beth, thank you so much for giving Koya a wonderful new life … and a beautiful new name!! We appreciate her update so much. I knew Koya personally and just love her energetic spirit. I had fostered two of her mill rescue beabull brothers and really had my hands full or I would have taken her in too. What a lucky dog she is now… and what a lucky family! Congratulations to you all!

  4. Beth Heier says:

    Thank you for all of your help in saving our dogs! We also adopted Bobby Sue (who we call Chestnut or “Chessie” for short). Love these two so much. ♥

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