Archives for October 2014

ADOPTED! Weeks Old Pittie/Golden Pup Abandoned Under Porch!

A 911 call came in…pup under a porch. The people moved Tuesday into Wednesday. The neighbors said the female has 13+ pups and they were selling them. Not sure why this little guy got left behind.

In Memorial: Goodbye, Sweet Blazer

Blazer was an exuberant little pup who loved to be near people, leaning against them with some part of his body at all times.

ADOPTED! Stanley, the precious poodle pup found a retirement home!

Stanley was looking for just one thing in life, a soft spot to lay his head in a loving household. Ad he’s now found love to fill the rest of his days.

Nov. 15th – Low-Cost Microchip Clinic, Chatham, NY!

For $30, the first 50 pets to attend will receive a HomeAgain microchip, Insertion by a veterinarian, and a 1 year registration!

Dear Rocco the Taco, a letter to the dog who just rescued his rescuers’ hearts…

Today, we received a whole lot of love aimed our way and we are reminded why we make the choice we do. And I wrote a heartfelt response to a rescue dog. It was one of the most therapeutic things I’ve probably ever done in this line of work.