Isis Puppy

Dixie the Labra-Bull PupHi! I’m Isis and, at 9 weeks old, I’m already ruling my new house and home! Don’t worry. I’m a benevolent Queen. I’m now named for the Greek Goddess of nature and magic, the throne personified.

Isis (formerly Dixie) has had a lucky start in this life. Rottie Empire Rescue saved her Southern Belle momma, her, and her 2 week old siblings from euthanasia in early February. A generous New York foster home allowed all the pups to feed with her until fully weaned, sending two to Dog House Adoptions and the rest to Out of the Pits to help find them homes. At 9 weeks old, this little girl has lead the charge, embarking on her own journey toward love and security.

From a litter of 7, Isis stands out as one hardy little pup with glossy black fur. A white blaze begins at her chest and the top point reaches up under her chin to the tip of her nose. Her rescued momma is a long-eared Pittie mix but Isis looks like a whole lotta Labrador too. The only thing we know for sure is that her breeding has produced a beautiful bundle of CUTE with three paws featuring adorable white toes.


Welcome Home, Isis!

On March 19th, Isis was welcomed into her brand new home and she fearlessly entered in. From pouncing on plush robins to wrestling squishy green alligators, the Filiault family can count on Isis to keep them safe from toy invasion. She guts them like a big dog and spits them out to boot. She’s a smart little whip, too, already learning to sit for treats. Isis has a clear agenda to play, play, play, and she gives her her new dog brother, Uber, a run for his money. If there is any doubt that Isis rules the roost, her Home Visit video will prove the point. This pup is an absolute pip!

Isis is one lucky and beloved personality! Thank you, Dan and Karen, for renaming her Isis, honoring her with your long standing tradition of bestowing 4 letter names starting with a vowel. She is truly family now. Most importantly, thank you for giving her the best home possible, filled with patience, kindness, laughter and love. Congratulations to you all! 

Ebony Jean