Gilly - Stella

Gilly is the most sedate hound we had ever seen, never following her nose and entirely into snuggles more than tracking. She appeared to be so saintly, or so we thought. Now we know the truth, thanks to the infinitely patient (and witty) family who adopted her:

Gilly - now StellaGilly is now Stella. We imagine that we’ll be walking around the neighborhood yelling her name at some point (she clearly plans to make a prison break), so it made sense. She is already beginning to respond to it.

Stella is a sweethart.

She’s bonding with all of us, but she clearly prefers men (Jake & I) wearing wife beaters. Again, Stella makes sense.

She’s over the car thing. Being scared of cars is so yesterday.

Stella’s definitely a grazer. Eats when we eat, even though we won’t let her eat off the table. If I leave food in a bowl, she takes some when she’s hungry but doesn’t inhale her food. She stops begging if we ignore her. Pushes back if we respond to her interest in our food.

She’s not completely house trained. Or should I say, basement trained. She’s pooped in the basement three times. We’re working on it.

She smells everything. She is particularly interested in all of the animals lurking just outside our door. She found the woodchuck holes. It’s fun watching her approach very quietly, waiting for her prey.

She doesn’t seem to chew anything valuable, although she loves to move our shoes around the house.

Stella and Jake

Stella and Jake

Last night, we had a bonfire with a bunch of people over. I kept her on the leash because the radio fence hadn’t been fixed yet. At one point, the leash went limp. She chewed right through it. Didn’t go anywhere, but was clearly proud of her accomplishment. I got a strand of 5/8″ yellow nylon chord since we didn’t have another leash. She chewed through that in about three minutes. Again, very proud. I bought a Lupine leash today. I feel sorry for Lupine, with their guarantee and Stella’s teeth.

Radio fence was fixed today. Stella turns back when she hears the beep, but appears to be determined to find a hole.

Stella doesn’t do sit, stay, heal, lay, off, down, come. She knows no. Definitely need some obedience training. Any recommendations?