Tim and Kim Clune
Dog House Adoptions says a bittersweet goodbye to two founding members, Kim and Tim Clune, but only in terms of board participation. We are beaming with excitement about their new directions, their continued support for Dog House Adoptions and each other, and their many years of continued service to rescue dogs.

From the day they met, this couple has enjoyed working together to improve the lives of dogs and people in our community. Kim joined Tim’s long-term rescue commitments back in 2003. They only half-joke that adoption clinics were considered first dates back then. They had shared a rescue history spanning ten years together when Tim then joined Kim’s ambitions to found Dog House Adoptions in 2013.

Kim Clune and AlexKim’s Contributions

Kim Clune, our second president, has used her writing, photography, and videography to further humanitarian and animal welfare causes since 2009. Her 2011 rescue vision became the foundation of our organization’s mission, and a large part of its operation – from policy, promotion, public education, and fundraising to placing dogs in loving homes.

Limited time has since become Kim’s biggest challenge. Working hard to turn her photography passion into a career, she has since been invited to join a local studio to capture event photography while her fine art business has been featured at several local galleries. She has also earned entry into The Arcanum, a small but prestigious worldwide photography program. What makes her most proud about all of this? Kim’s photography, in large part, is how our dogs went from invisible strays to visibly beautiful beings worthy of loving homes.

Kim will continue to volunteer with us in an advisory capacity, handling our website and other needs as they arise. She is also making room to serve on the Code 100 response team for Hoags Corners Volunteer Fire Company, supporting local firefighters on scene – including her husband. Kim digitally records the fire company’s training materials and events and maintains their website, too, having joined the company in the summer of 2012.

Tim CluneTim’s Contributions

A public interest lawyer by day, Tim Clune was also our first President. He has spent nearly 20 years rescuing dogs, 15 of which were spent at hands-on adoption clinics and weekend home visits.  For Dog House Adoptions, Tim has provided his legal and former rescue expertise to create a solid legal footing on which to found our organization. He drafted our Bylaws, policies, contracts, and educated our founding members to successfully manage the business side of dog rescue. His foresight has served us well and will continue to protect our organization, dogs, volunteers, fosters and adopters well into the future.

Tim has served the public as a firefighter at Hoag’s Corners Volunteer Fire Company since 2012. Now Lieutenant and Fire Commissioner, his expertise in helping to save homes, human lives, and animal lives will be fully utilized in the community. Even with such time constraints, Tim makes himself available to advise Dog House Adoptions. We certainly have the best of all worlds with him just a phone call away.

Dog House Adoptions is so lucky to have this dynamic duo still on board even though they are no longer on the Board. Thank you both for all you have done and continue to do for Dog House Adoptions. The 113 Capital Region dogs you helped save since our founding thank you, too!

Kim and Tim Clune