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Your contribution toward our $150 goal will provide Love Has No Age Limit: Welcoming an Adopted Dog Into Your Home to every one of our next 50 adopters. (This book sells for $9.95 but the price drops to $3 with a bulk purchase.)

What makes this book so special? It’s chock full of helpful ways to transition rescue dogs and their families into their new lives. Every puppy is a new dog, BUT not every new dog is a puppy. Bringing home a mature dog requires faith and patience. To help that along, we aim to send two talented behaviorists home with every one of our precious pups.

The Gift of Two Paperback Behaviorists 

Love Has No Age Limit

Patricia B. McConnell, PhD, CAAB, is a zoologist, animal behaviorist, teacher, and speaker who has been working with people and dogs for over 24 years. In this book, McConnell and her zoologist and animal behaviorist colleague, Dr. Karen B. London, offer a wealth of information about what to expect when adopting a dog:

  • How to handle home-comings
  • What to do (and not do) the first day, week and month
  • Why older dogs still need to be house trained the minute you bring them home
  • And why it can take time for some dogs to bond with you

No need to read in order. New pet parents can start where they need help most in that very moment they need it. Also, common behavioral problems are summarized such as separation anxiety, house training, chewing, resource guarding, fear-based behavior and trouble between dogs. An extensive resource section leads to more help if required.

Take a peek for yourself! Isn’t this a wonderful way to ease people and their new dogs into a long, comfortable life together?

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Chip in $20, $10 or even $5 toward our goal of $150! Never before, for so little money, have professional trainers been made so easily accessible to ensure a smooth and long-term rehoming of 50 beloved dogs. You can make that happen right now.

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* Please note: When we reach this fundraising goal, additional funds will go directly toward food and veterinary care for our rescue dogs.

This From a Happy Reader

Kathy, a dog adopter who found this guide helpful says:

We followed the instructions in “Love Has No Age Limit” when we brought home our 1.5 year old cattle dog/border collie mix to join our 1.5 year old border collie/terrier mix (yeah, that’s a lot of activity!). Argus was completely unhousebroken and didn’t know any commands, charged through the door, jumped on Mico (the bc/terrier) and on us, and had myriad other bad habits. That book saved our lives, saved Argus from going back to the shelter and/or Mico from going crazy, and helped us achieve the well behaved, courteous, devoted, pees-on-command and then runs-back-to-the-door for a treat dog we have now. It’s a miracle worker of a book!

Thank you! YOU DID IT!

Thank You Thanks to you, each and every one of our donors (Cherrie, Denise and a big WOW for Leslie!) You’ve improved the chance that every Dog House Adoption is a happy and successful placement – for life!

And thanks to everyone involved in the production of this book, from authors to printers, who agreed to donate a significant amount of their costs or fees, allowing cash-strapped organizations to distribute the book to every family adopting a dog.