Archives for April 2012

Puppies Howl and Bark to Celebrate Third Week of Life

This puppy pack’s birthday party is short but very sweet.

ADOPTED! Barron – Poster Dog finds Valentines’ Love!

Barron is smart, funny, energetic, and will fold into your arms for cuddles.

Rescue Puppies Eat, Yawn and Sleep through First Days

Four pups were born to beautiful Bristol, a rescued stray, and filmed just days after birth.

APRIL 28: Calling Volunteer Dog Walkers!

Want to be a rescue volunteer? Come to orientation! OUR DOGS NEED YOU for belly rubs, play time, walks…

Pit Crew Puppy Chronicles: Growing Up Pup

Follow Bristol and her four pups through the eyes of foster mom, Lisa Drury!

Breeder Races to Stray Dog’s Aid, Delivers Pit Crew Pups

Lisa Drury forgoes breeding Labradors this season, volunteering to deliver and rear a rescued stray’s puppies instead.