The People Behind the Dogs

Meet the dog lovers behind the dogs, people just like you who want to do the best they can for dogs in need. Join us. Volunteer today!

Brittany DeJohnBrittany DeJohn

President since April 2015

As one of our most active and creative volunteers since 2014, Brittany already had wonderful dedication to our organization in everything from dog handling to fundraising. She also has terrific experience as a cat foster and volunteer for another organization, so she knows the ins and outs of what it takes to find animals loving homes.

As a student of veterinary services, she has an enormous desire to be deeply involved with the health of animals, but also the passion to handle the animal welfare side of things, too. Since her invitation to the Board, Brittany has turned her focus toward our dogs, first and foremost.

Audra BentleyAudra Bentley

Treasurer & Founding Member since April 2012

Audra Bentley, a lifelong Rensselaer County resident, has grown up caring for local strays of all kinds. As  former owner of Curves in West Sand Lake, that mission continued as Audra rallied her members around community fundraisers for charity, many of which benefited animals. As a Pampered Chef Representative, she now rallies product parties to raise money for rescue.

After accepting her board position and meeting the dogs, Audra returned a day later to adopt Tucker, a sweet senior boy who will live the rest of his days immersed in more love than he’s ever known. Audra’s commitment to this dog and our organization offers that same hope for all Dog House Adoptions’ dogs.

Marianne Hoeppner with GuntherMarianne Hoeppner

Secretary since September 2014

Marianne Hoeppner joined Dog House Adoptions after losing her own dog to cancer. Not ready to adopt at first, she volunteered to walk with our rescues. Ever since, Marianne has become part of our DHA family, walking dogs weekly, attending adoption clinics, and eventually adopting her latest dog from us (Sammy, now named Gunther).

Marianne has both hands on and administrative skills to accompany her deep love for all dogs, and her participation has benefited our group tremendously throughout our relationship. Her addition to the board has been a huge asset, from keeping meticulous minutes to registering every one of our microchipped dogs through FreePetChipRegistry and more.

Cassie HaydenCassie Costantino

Dog Director since November 2013

Cassie has a grand scope of dog knowledge based on her professional experience at area kennels and vets, foster mom experience for over 80 rescue dogs and puppies, and as owner of both dogs and (shhh!) cats. As a valuable volunteer for organizations like Out of the PitsPeppertree RescueAnimal Protective Foundation, and The Animal Support Project (TASP), Cassie has a strong understanding of how rescue organizations operate, how each can work together for the greater good, and she never loses sight of the importance of private volunteer networking. She can often be found coordinating with several private and organizational parties at once to provide the best help possible to local dogs in need. As a certified Animal Behavioral College Dog Trainer, Cassie has taken many of her foster and personal dogs through CGC training, making dogs the focus of her home, volunteer life and now her professional labor of love as well.

Past Board Members Who Helped Us Rise & Thrive

Kim CluneKim Clune

President: October 2013 – March 2015

Dog House Adoptions was founded on core principles Kim learned from her rescue mentor, Mike Arms. From the very start, Kim has blended her passion for animal welfare and philanthropy to both serve dogs in need as well as the people of the Capital Region. With hands-on experience revealing the softest side of dogs once deemed “unadoptable,” Kim believes that all dogs deserve the chance to shine, enriching people’s lives through therapeutic, educational, and companionship opportunities. Her dream for Dog House Adoptions is to make as many of those connections as possible. To that end, her volunteering did not end as she passed her presidential torch to Brittany DeJohn. She continues to offer tech support and advisement to the organization she loves with her whole heart.

As owner of Mixed Media Matters, Inc., Kim promotes animal welfare and humanitarian aid initiatives using photography, digital and social media. Founding member and Director of Be the Change for Animals, Kim’s international activism site was awarded Best Cause Blog by DogTime Media. She has also celebrated human/animal connections through writing, photography and film both here and at

Tim CluneTim Clune

President: April 2012 – October 2013
Advisory Member: 2014-2015

Tim Clune, a public interest lawyer by day, was a founding member and dog adoption chairperson of a local rescue in his off time, placing over 500 dogs during his 15 year tenure. After a brief hiatus, Tim enthusiastically returned to the world of rescue as Board President of Dog House Adoptions, serving as Board President during the organization’s first year and as a valued advisor the rest of his time with us.

Originally from downstate, Tim has proudly called Rensselaer County home for more than 20 years. He took great pride in addressing the unmet needs of stray dogs in his own back yard and for all dogs who cross his path.

Lori HarrisLori Harris

April 2012- November 2013

Active in animal rescue for more than 12 years, Lori has long focused her volunteer efforts on dogs.  As the owner of the “very best dog” who was returned three times before finding her permanent place in the world, Lori was committed to helping the very deserving dogs of the Capital Region find their homes.  Lori works for a private development company which specializes in building affordable housing throughout the U.S. For Dog House Adoptions, she worked diligently to research and file for our Non-profit status, manage the records of the organization, and work with the dogs on a weekly basis.