Hi! I’m Chiqui (pronounced Cheek-ie)! And I’m quite a cheekie l’il bugger. I’d love to make you laugh!

This little 8.5 lb Chihuahua was found in Schaghticoke. When a kind couple opened their garage door, little Chiqui ran inside. The couple had never seen her before and nobody claimed this little dynamo even after ads were placed in local papers. When Chiqui’s five day hold was up, she came to us.

According to Dawn, her foster mom:

She’s such a GREAT house dog. She’s a snuggler and sleeps all night long either in her crate or in my bed.She runs like the wind and she’s always got her nose to the ground, sniffing and looking for food. She’s a great eater …not fussy. I affectionately refer to her as “fast and furious” and “little Hoover.”

Chiqui gets along with everybody and it’s hard not to smile when she’s in your presence. When Chuiqui met Dawn’s house cats, even they instantly hit it off. And she has no fear of other dogs. When introduced to Trapper, Dawn’s large and particular dog, Chuiqui displayed no fear and Trapper thought she was adorable. With people, Chiqui is completely affectionate. It just takes her a bit to warm up if she doesn’t already know you.


Chiqui had great first date with Cori and Leo, a wonderful, young couple who spent over an hour getting to know her. By the time they got ready to leave, Chiqui was sitting in Leo’s lap and snuggling with Cori. Congratulations on your new home, dear Chiqui! We can’t wait to hear all about your new adventures!

Leo and Chiqui, now CCChiqui and Leo Cori and Chiqui Leo and Chiqui

The three small photos above were taken by foster mom Dawn as she tearfully delivered this little gem to her brand new beautiful life. Dawn says, “I almost kept this one … BUT, I know Chiqui will be far better off with Corey & Leo, her new owners! What a great, young couple and a 8 1/2 lb dog with a HUGE personality! Congratulations all around!

Cori took the photo on the right to show that Chiqui is now settling into her new home and her new name… CC!

Calvin and Zachary