Archives for April 2014

Wolf family legacy of animal advocacy ensures lasting pet connections through microchips with a grant from the ASPCA

There are no words for how much we appreciate the Wolf family’s support. Where words fail, actions speak loudest. Developing a sustainable microchip program that will help dogs in such a monumental way feels most fitting. We promise, Ina and Richard, to employ this in a manner that would make you proud.

ADOPTED! Sammy – Now Gunther – Finds Love in Spring Fling after a Long, Cold Winter

Sammy is an an adoptable neutered male, vaccinated, 6 months young PitBull / Border Collie mix.

ADOPTED! Gordon Hits Jackpot in Fastest Foster Failure in History!

Gordon just hit the jackpot in the fasted foster failure in history!

ADOPTED! Caspian – Kicked from Curb into Loving Arms!

Caspian is super sweet, stands up to give soft hugs while he kisses your chin, and he dances for treats.

ADOPTED! Sadie the Super Special Fuzzy Wumpass

This big, beautiful dog with big, beautiful, brown eyes is a big-hearted love and gentle friend to everyone she encounters.

Thanks for Supporting Our Farm to Table FUNdraiser!

Thank you for celebrating Dog House Adoptions’ 2nd birthday, and a long, healthy life for you and your pets!

ADOPTED! Shelby the Labra-Bull Puppy Wags Her Way Home!

Shelby the velvety Labra-Puppy pranced into her new home just as if she owned the place. And she is loved all the more for it.